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"We have been using tow ropes from Custom Rope for over 30 years.  They are safe, long lasting & easy to use.  It's the only rope we feel comfortable using and we recommend this rope to all harvesters!"

Greg Thurman

Owner, Thurman Harvesting

"We have been associated with Custom Rope for over 20 years. We feel that it is the best tow rope on the market and the only tow rope we will supply to our customers."

                                               Lynn Wallgren,

                           Heartland Marketing & Associates, Inc.

We have used Custom Rope for years.  They are built rugged and do the job.  If we misuse one and cut it, we send it to Custom Rope to be repaired and don't have to throw it away!
Bill M

Owned 25 years, first
time to break! I was impressed
it didn't snap back, just fell to the ground. 
                 -Gary Schuett

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