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436 Campbell St.
Kiowa, KS 67070
Tel: (620) 825-4196
Fax:   (620) 825-4756

​Toll Free: 1 (800) 451-6083


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My dad,
"RoPEMAN" Williams invented this rope in 1967 and I'm so proud to   carry on his legacy by providing the standard in towing, the SAFEST option on the market, to you!    Click on the Positively Kansas ad  to the right and watch a great showcase  done on Custom Ropes in 2022.  A few things have changed, my husband, Jon, and I have purchased the company and now Juan is the  factory foreman... but  the Ropeman way is engrained in this company and is the foundation    for its success.
                                                        -  Tamara, owner
                                                            "ROPE DAUGHTER"

Ropeman on Positively KS.jpg
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